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Piwik PRO Core: 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (cloud and private cloud): 15.7.9 and 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (on-premises): 15.6.0 and 18.18.0

October 23, 2023




  • We fixed Swedish translations, improved the UI for creating and editing reports and refined the wording on buttons and headlines.

Tag Manager


  • We updated how tags, triggers and variables are copied. Now, after a successful copy, you go directly to the copied resource.



  • We renamed the session ID feature to “session hash” because the old name conflicted with the actual session ID in the Analytics data. The way we calculate the session hash remains unchanged, and this new name won’t affect your session metrics in any way.
  • You can now turn on or off a session hash and visitor cookies for all visitors in Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Compliances > Session and visitor identifiers or, if you use Consent Manager, just for non-consenting visitors in Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Consent > Consent settings.



  • The trust_visitors_cookies property in the API is deprecated. In its place, we’ve introduced two new properties: use_anonymous_session_hash and use_session_hash. They let you use the session hash feature for both anonymous and consent-based tracking. Read more



  • We released an updated version of the Piwik PRO library for Next.js applications. This new version now fully supports Next.js 13.
  • Our migration tool now gives you more info when something goes wrong during migration.


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