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Piwik PRO Core: 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (cloud and private cloud): 15.7.9 and 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (on-premises): 15.6.0 and 18.18.0

August 18, 2020




  • SharePoint reports dedicated to the SharePoint integration. These reports help you understand user engagement, see popular content and authors, optimize the search engine and much more.
  • New metrics and dimensions dedicated to the SharePoint integration. You can now use them in custom reports, dashboards and segments.
  • The session log report is adjusted to the SharePoint integration and shows data and behavior of each SharePoint user.
  • You can now send a dashboard in a scheduled report.
  • Calculated metrics that let you create your own metrics to better describe traffic on your website.

  • Changed permissions for goals. Now you need to have manage permissions to add and edit goals.
  • Changed permissions for custom dimensions. Now you need to have manage permissions to add and edit custom dimensions.
  • The dimension: Ecommerce conversions in sessions was moved from the session to ecommerce category.
  • You can now look at filters set in reports without editing the report. Click the three-dot icon next to the report, and then click Show filter definition.
  • Regex is now available in report filter conditions and Analytics (new) API.

  • Copying dashboards now works correctly.
  • Counter widgets on a dashboard and an exported dashboard now look better thanks to improved design.
  • Error message in the Google Ads integration.
  • Filters in the user flow report now work correctly.
  • Opening the user flow report from a custom report now works correctly.
  • The chart series selector now works correctly.
  • File names for exported reports are now user-friendly.
  • Statistics in the breakdown in the user flow report are now counted correctly.
  • Custom dimension names in the user flow report are now displayed correctly.

Tag Manager


  • You can now add the data-disable-delay attribute to the <a> element to skip custom link handling when your application suffers from unnecessary redirects.

Audience Manager


  • Added the following IDs: Analytics visitor ID, Analytics visitor IDs and Device IDs. You can now use them to build and export an audience.

  • Long attribute names now are displayed correctly.



  • User ID no longer influences Visitor ID value. If User ID is set for a visitor, its value will be added to the visit, but unlike before, Visitor ID won’t change. Also User ID is no longer a source of information for the mechanism that joins sessions.
  • In cross-domain tracking, you can now customize link format responsible for passing Visitor ID between websites.



  • You can now turn SharePoint reports on or off in Administration. SharePoint reports is an additional section in Analytics dedicated to the SharePoint integration.


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