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Piwik PRO Core: 18.19.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (cloud and private cloud): 15.7.9 and 18.19.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (on-premises): 15.6.0

June 4, 2024




  • We updated our documentation to clarify that a timestamp reflects the server time in the site’s or app’s timezone.

  • We fixed the regex validation for goals. Now, page URL conditions are accurately checked, preventing invalid URLs from being accepted. Additionally, we added validation messages for custom event conditions. This improvement will help you handle errors and use regular expressions more effectively.
  • We cleaned up the tracker debugger for users who don’t use ecommerce tracking. Previously, ecommerce details appeared for all users. Now, they will only be visible to those using ecommerce tracking.
  • We fixed an issue where the session log didn’t display the correct number of products. The bug occurred with add-to-cart events when only a single product was added.
  • We fixed refreshing issues between two flat table widgets to ensure they refresh independently. Changes in one widget no longer affect the other, so each keeps its own filter settings, pagination and sorting.
  • Limited availability We fixed an issue where text widgets in real-time dashboards would get stuck in update mode. Now, you won’t need to refresh the page, and your selected lookback window setting will stay the same.



  • We fixed an issue where sessions were split when events had both campaign and referrer parameters, and the campaign parameter was later missing during the session.
  • We fixed search tracking for SPA sites that use the hash-routing method.
  • Content impression and content interaction events now contain the action_name parameter.


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