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Piwik PRO Core: 18.22.4
Piwik PRO Enterprise (cloud and private cloud): 15.7.9 and 18.22.4
Piwik PRO Enterprise (on-premises): 15.6.0

July 18, 2017


Tag Manager

  • Piwo PRO event tracking tag
  • Piwik PRO virtual page view tag
  • Google DoubleClick tag
  • AdRoll tag
  • Bing Ads tag
  • Google Optimize tag
  • Hot Jar tag
  • A/B Tasty tag
  • SalesForce & Pardot tag
  • Mautic tag
  • LinkedIn Ads tag
  • Prioritization. It is now possible to configure the order in which tags are fired. The user can set the priority of a tag simply by dragging and dropping tags on a list – the higher they are on the list, the higher their priority.


  • Opt-out screen. PPMS now provides users with a simple choice to opt out of being tracked by websites and platforms they visit.


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