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Piwik PRO Core: 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (cloud and private cloud): 15.7.9 and 18.18.0
Piwik PRO Enterprise (on-premises): 15.6.0 and 18.18.0

March 31, 2020



  • Scheduled reports sent by email.
  • Alerts sent by email when a metric value rises, drops, or reaches a certain level.
  • Grouping of dimension values that allows you to place values in custom categories and use them in custom reports and on dashboards.
  • Highlight for the most commonly used path in the user flow report.
  • You can now apply up to 100 filters to each report.
  • Drag & drop option in the user flow report.
  • Grouping of dimension values is available in the user flow report for clearer reporting.
  • Added relative dates such as “yesterday” and “last_month” to reporting API and raw data API.
  • Adjusted visitor_id format in API responses. Visitor_id values will now be padded with leading zeros for a total of 16 bytes.
  • Fixed the “count” field in raw data API response to return a proper value.
  • Removed reporting of deleted cart items in Ecommerce.

Tag Manager

  • History change trigger that allows you to track single-page applications (SPAs).
  • Added the “Don’t track page views” option to the Piwik PRO tag that allows you to disable the _paq.trackPageView tracking method used in the Piwik PRO tracking code.
  • Removed setting a cookie in the visitor’s browser for a synchronous tag before the consent is collected.

Audience Manager

  • Moved profile statistics to a separate tab.
  • Visitor log now displays data from the last 30 days by default.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the CSV import.

Consent Manager

  • Custom openConsentForm method that can be applied when tracking single-page applications.
  • Consent Manager is now available to user accounts with a user level with the following permissions: view, edit, edit&publish, and manage.


  • Updating of custom dimensions is now possible for event scope.


  • Ability to exclude IPv6 addresses.
  • You can now click on websites` names and users` emails to navigate accross the platform.
  • In a single API call, you can now add up to 1000 apps at once to a meta site.
  • In a single API call, you can now list up to 1000 records from user groups. For more, you need to use pagination.
  • Analytics (new) is displayed as the default module after logging in.
  • Changing the platform language no longer affects the time and date format.


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